Bullet Cleaning Equipment

Chemclean’s commitment to quality in pipe cleaning is underscored by the continued use of our exclusive products in the industry.

Initially developed by a power plant engineer, these patented technologies provide superior tube cleaning performance. Our products are the perfect complement to online cleaning programs and effective chemical treatment programs; the application results in optimal capacitor performance and reduced chemical costs.

At the heart of our cleaning technology is the ball. Conco’s all-purpose pipe cleaners are designed to eliminate various obstacles, deposits, and corrosion buildup, promoting a longer, more efficient pipe life. C3S, C4S, C3X, and others projectiles are powered by water and hurled through the pipes at about 20 feet per second. Portable booster pumps, Conco water guns, and hoses are used to achieve the recommended pressure and GPM. The projectiles work quickly and efficiently, returning hoses to ensure cleanliness.

Our hose cleaning products are effective and safe to use on all types of deposits on all hose materials. In addition to pipe cleaning products, we offer a complete range of pipe plugs for sealing condenser tubes, heat exchanger tubes, and pipe plates.

Our leak detectors, the Fluorotracer Analyzer TM and SF 6 Pak are exclusively manufactured by our leak detection service.

Conco purchases HydroDrills to meet the most challenging pollution conditions. Where air-cooled condensers are installed, we offer the Conco FinTech ACC TM cleaning service for automatic, semi-automatic, or intermittent cleaning of air-cooled condensers.

Specifications :

  • Conco bullet cleaning Pumps : 2 Nos.
  • Conco Guns : 6 Nos.
  • Conco Bullets : Required No. and Size
  • Manufacturer : Conco Systems, USA