Chemical Cleaning Equipment

Chemical industrial cleaning is a specialized process that requires in-depth knowledge of chemical compounds and their reaction to specific surfaces and stains. Chemical cleaning is used to remove stubborn stains and other waste that is common in industrial cleaning.

In addition to removing stains, dry cleaning prepares and protects these surfaces to keep them in good condition. Therefore, dry cleaning can only be carried out by specialists in this specialized type of work. Our company offer this unique cleaning, which has a team of consultants who evaluate the stains to be removed and the material, as not all chemical cleanings are the same or are carried out in the same way. Therefore, it is so essential that the company specializes in this type of professional work.

As we have already noted, it is not only about cleaning surfaces but also about protecting them. Therefore, our professionals use acidic or alkaline cleaning products and the previous cleaning methods to gain a thorough cleaning experience.

Specifications :

  • Pump Capacity : 10 m3/hr to 1100 m3/hr
  • Motor Rating : 1 HP to 250 HP
  • Pump Set Quantity: 100 Nos. of various capacity
  • Tank Capacity: 50 Ltrs to 35000 Ltrs
  • Tank Quantity: 35 Nos. of various capacity
  • MS Pipe : 1 Inch to 14 Inch
  • Flexible Hoses : 2 Inch to 6 Inch
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