Foam Generator

Our Super Vac High Expansion Foam Generator is the perfect solution for your foam needs. Chemclean’s foam generator can be ordered to fit any Super Vac fan, including all PPV fan styles.

The best part is that you don’t even need to buy an entire foam generator to use this product. As long as you have a compressed airline, you can use Super Vac from Chemclean. This product has the power to keep your lines running at peak performance. Used in conjunction with high expansion foam concentrates, it can produce foam up to 1000:1 expansion for tough extinguishments, including confined space, mining operations, and ship hold areas. Fire involving solid materials or flammable liquids can also be controlled and extinguished—the Super Vac (Lafferty Equipments Mfg, USA). Our Super vac foam generator also has advantages for handling the tough spills of Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG).

Specifications :

  • Foam cleaning machine: 10 Nos.
  • Foam Throw : 20 – 40 fts.
  • Manufacturer : Lafferty Equipments Mfg, USA
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