High Pressure Jet Cleaning Pump

With increasing power consumption, thermal and captive power plants now increase their production capacities and keep their power plants under optimum working conditions.

Residues and harmful deposits are a common occurrence in the plants of these industries. To this end, proper maintenance of these plants requires top-quality hydro-jet radiation cleaning. At Chemclean Services, we offer the best hydro-jet cleaning services for all plants of all types of thermal and captive power plants. This involves cleaning condenser tubing bundles and cleaning condenser tubes.

The hydro-jetting services offered by us helps in cleaning of all kind of tubing surfaces in all types of plants. We use HP Hydrojet Pump as our equipment to meet all our customers’ cleaning requirements, and our industry experts ensure the best results in every task we perform.


Specifications :

  • Name of the equipment : HP Hydrojet Pump
  • No of Machines : 15 Nos.
  • Type of Machines :Three plunger, reciprocating
  • Dis. Pressure :300 bar to 1000 bar (15000 psi)
  • Motor HP :15 HP to 180 HP
  • Flow :20 to 60 lpm
  • Lances Flexible : All sizes
  • Lances Rigid :All sizes
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